I grew up in an artistic family with my dad in the advertising business since the late 60’s and my mom a piano teacher. Influenced by the many sides of art, I decided to choose visual arts twice in my life, once as a graphic designer and then as a ceramicist.

When I decided to stop working in the advertising business I found a job as a retail assistant in a shop that sold ceramics. When one of their production assistants got sick I was asked to help with production as well and soon I replaced the hours in the shop with more hours in the studio. Two years later I was decorating their main dinnerware range.

Upon my arrival in Australia in 2007, I visited the JamFactory in Adelaide, which left me envious of all the people who constitute this creative environment. I made it my goal to become a member of this creative family. Two years later I applied for the associateship in the ceramics department which I completed in 2011. For the next three years, till end of 2014, having met that goal, I was working from my studio in the JamFactory as a tenant.

Since 2014 I moved back to Greece and opened a shop in Naousa, on the Island of Paros, Cyclades. Both studio and shop are run by myself alone - the studio during the day and the shop in the afternoon. I try to create things not only in the privacy of my studio but also in the shop, since the process of making ceramics is not always known and it makes it easier for me to communicate my making routine to the viewer.